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The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI), named for Canadian icon Terry Fox, is built on Terry's dream to end cancer through research.

News & Notices

  • TFRI New Investigator searches for follicular lymphoma subtypes to guide patient management

    “If we could determine up front which patients were higher risk we might be able to adapt our treatment, and hopefully improve outcomes for patients,” says TFRI New Investigator Dr. Robert Kridel, a clinician-scientist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre who is studying follicular lymphoma with his new $450,000 award .

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  • Terry Fox Research Institute awards prestigious grant to help Manitoba cancer researcher tackle deadly brain cancer

    Brain cancer research in Manitoba has received a boost with news that a local scientist has won a prestigious cancer research award from the Terry Fox Research Institute. Dr. Sachin Katyal, a biologist at CancerCare Manitoba and the University of Manitoba, is the first researcher in Manitoba to receive the $450,000 Terry Fox New Investigator award for his “quick-to-clinic” personalized medicine approach to better treat patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

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  • Canadian pancreatic cancer research team provides personalized medicine, new hope to patients

    Canadian pancreatic cancer researchers are joining forces under a Terry Fox initiative bringing new hope for patients with this deadly disease.

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  • Therapeutic target EZH2 discovered for aggressive, untreatable ovarian cancer affecting young women

    A Vancouver team led by TFRI-funded investigator Dr. David Huntsman has discovered an important therapeutic target for treating small cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcemic type (SCCOHT). This is a rare, but extremely lethal, ovarian cancer in young women with no effective treatment.

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Our Cancer Research

Group is changing the cancer imaging landscape with groundbreaking work

Their work on porphysome nanoparticles and photoacoustic imaging has led to a Canadian invention that Dr. Gang Zheng and his team hope will bring new benefits to patients, particularly those with prostate and thyroid cancers, two diseases currently lacking minimally invasive, safe and effective destruction of tumours. Their technology uses light that is absorbed by nanoparticles to destroy tumour tissue without damaging normal tissue. 

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Achieving Terry Fox's Dream Through Cancer Research

Our Mission & Vision

Terry's vision unites us and inspires our research excellence, innovation and creativity. The Terry Fox Research Institute is a collaboratively oriented, pan-Canadian organization focused on improving cancer research outcomes for the benefit of cancer patients everywhere. We invest in and manage translational research projects across Canada and function as the research arm of The Terry Fox Foundation, managing and overseeing its discovery and training portfolios. We want to ensure that today’s best science becomes tomorrow’s affordable medicine.

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