The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI), named for Canadian icon Terry Fox, is built on Terry’s dream to end cancer through research. We are a collaboratively oriented, pan-Canadian organization focused on improving cancer research outcomes for the benefit of cancer patients everywhere. We invest in and manage translational research projects across Canada and function as the research arm of The Terry Fox Foundation, managing and overseeing its discovery and training portfolios. We want to ensure today’s best science becomes tomorrow’s affordable medicine.

Within these pages, you will learn what we are doing to achieve Terry’s dream. His vision unites us and inspires our research excellence, innovation and creativity.

July 17, 2014

TFRI’s fifth annual scientific meeting (ASM) in Montreal, Quebec this spring wrapped up with a surprise cash donation of a $1,000 for Terry Fox research.

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June 11, 2014  Dr. Victor Ling, TFRI President

An all-star cast of volunteers, supporters and speakers gathered at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver recently to gear up ...

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June 18, 2014  TFRI Guest Blog

In May I attended my third TFRI Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), which was held this year in Montreal. As a ...

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  • TFRI-funded researchers named among world's most influential scientists

    Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Connors, Dr. Randy Gascoyne, Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Marco Marra, four Terry Fox funded researchers who feature on a list of the world's most influential scientists. The team behind the list analyzed published research papers between 2002 and 2012 to identify those scientists who have the most impact on their peers in the research world. See the Highly Cited Researchers website:

  • TFRI supports pie fundraiser

    TFRI staff supported the 4th annual Terry Fox Foundation pie sale fundraiser this year, selling a total of 97 pies. The Chilliwack Airport Coffee Shop holds the event in memory of Betty Fox and this year raised $7,644.74 from pie sales.

    TFRI set up a table in the lobby of the BCCRC (BC Cancer Research Centre) on July 20 and thanks to the wonderful generosity of donors, including many staff and researchers in the building, raised $2,415 in pie sales. One hundred per cent of the proceeds were donated to the Terry Fox Foundation.

  • The Annual Terry Fox Run:
    Sunday September 14 2014

    Mark your calendars for this year's Terry Fox Run and sign up online at

    You can also register to support your campus Terry Fox event this fall and be part of Terry's CAUSE on Campus. Register:

  • Terry Fox inspires cancer space experiment

    Students in Manitoba revealed that Terry Fox was the inspiration for their cancer experiment, sent in to space earlier this year. The experiment was developed with TFRI partner, CancerCare Manitoba and during the recent royal visit, the students said:

    "Our inspiration to do this project started on Terry Fox day when our teacher, Mrs. Fuerst, introduced us to the SSEP program. We wanted to do this project to help to continue Terry’s dream!"

  • 2014 ASM Montreal photos online Group photo of attendees at the TFRI ASM in Montreal 2014 This year's Annual Scientific Meeting in Monteal was a great success, with over 200 TFRI-funded researchers and trainees attending. Photos from the event are now online and can be seen in our photo gallery

  • Spring/Summer Newsletter 2014

    Front page of the TFRI Spring 2014 newsletter

  • Notice - 1980 Photographs of Terry Fox Sought for National Museum Exhibit The Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) is looking for photographs taken by Canadians of Terry Fox in 1980 during his Marathon of Hope. The photographs will be used as part of an upcoming exhibition that the CMC and the Terry Fox Centre are developing to be launched in April 2015, marking the 35th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope. For full details visit:
  • Looking for information about a Terry Fox-funded research project?

    Information is available from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research's searchable database on the national Canadian Research Information System (CRIS) database. You can search by subject, investigator, funding, location or program.

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