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The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI), named for Canadian icon Terry Fox, is built on Terry's dream to end cancer through research.

News & Notices

  • Therapeutic target EZH2 discovered for aggressive, untreatable ovarian cancer affecting young women

    A Vancouver team led by TFRI-funded investigator Dr. David Huntsman has discovered an important therapeutic target for treating small cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcemic type (SCCOHT). This is a rare, but extremely lethal, ovarian cancer in young women with no effective treatment.

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  • Made-in-Canada model for detecting lung cancer saves lives, is a world leader

    A pan-Canadian TFRI team of cancer researchers has developed a predictive model for detecting early-stage lung cancer in high-risk individuals with significantly greater accuracy than other leading models. This study suggests the team’s innovative approach could be considered for use in lung cancer screening programs both in Canada and around the world.

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  • Nuclear mTOR acts as a transcriptional regulator of metabolism in prostate cancer, groundbreaking study finds

    A recent study by TFRI’s cancer metabolism group suggests nuclear mTOR (a kinase) also works as a transcriptional regulator of metabolism in the proliferation of prostate cancer.

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  • Vanadium compounds enhance efficacy of oncolytic viruses when used in combination therapy

    A new class of compounds is generating excitement for its ability to enhance the efficacy of oncolytic viruses (OVs) and to stimulate the immune response against tumours when used in combination therapy.

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Our Cancer Research

It can be curable: Early detection project explores role of pollution, genetics on lung cancer

Why are non-smokers with little exposure to second-hand smoke diagnosed with the disease while others are not? Why do some heavy smokers never develop lung cancer, while other lighter smokers do?
These are some of the questions the team behind a highly successful early detection lung cancer project is aiming to answer as they expand their research to include air pollution and genetic susceptibility.

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Achieving Terry Fox's Dream Through Cancer Research

Our Mission & Vision

Terry's vision unites us and inspires our research excellence, innovation and creativity. The Terry Fox Research Institute is a collaboratively oriented, pan-Canadian organization focused on improving cancer research outcomes for the benefit of cancer patients everywhere. We invest in and manage translational research projects across Canada and function as the research arm of The Terry Fox Foundation, managing and overseeing its discovery and training portfolios. We want to ensure that today’s best science becomes tomorrow’s affordable medicine.

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