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Canadian Prostate Cancer Biomarker Network (CPCBN)

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men with an estimated 23,600 new cases in 2013 and it is the third leading cause of cancer-related death in Canadian men.

The Canadian Prostate Cancer Biomarker Network (CPCBN) is a research program directed by a group of clinicians and scientists with the ultimate goal of improving the clinical management of men with prostate cancer.

Tissue samples include:

  • Optimization Tissue MicroArrays (TMAs)
    • Tissues from prostate, breast and ovarian cancer
    • Mouse xenograft tissues obtained by injecting PC3, LNCaP, Du145 or 22RV1 cell lines in mice.
  • Validation Test Cohort TMAs
    • 250 radical prostatectomies from PCa patients.
    • Initial cohort.
  • Validation Large Cohort TMAs
    • 1250 radical prostatectomies from PCa patients.
    • Independent cohort.
  • Validation Cohort TMAs
    • Three cores of tumour tissue, two cores of normal adjacent tissue.
    • Multiple centres.
    • Treatment naïve patients.
    • Complete clinical data with follow-up.
    • Clinical data stored in Advance Tissue Management (ATiM) database.
    • Two cores of xenografts tissue obtained from PC3, LNCaP, Du145 or 22RV1 injection in mice.

Access the CPCBN repository

To access the repository, researchers should complete an application form, which will be assessed by the study committee. All images and results must be returned to the CPCBN on completion of the study.

To submit your completed application, or for more information, please contact Véronique Ouellet.

The information on these webpages and more details about the CPCBN project can be found in the CPCBN pamphlet.

CPCBN application

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