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The Terry Fox Research Institute

The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI), named for Canadian icon Terry Fox, is built on Terry's dream to end cancer through research.

Terry's vision unites us and inspires our research excellence, innovation and creativity. The Terry Fox Research Institute is a collaboratively oriented, pan-Canadian organization focused on improving cancer research outcomes for the benefit of cancer patients everywhere. We invest in and manage translational research projects across Canada and function as the research arm of The Terry Fox Foundation, managing and overseeing its discovery and training portfolios. We want to ensure that today’s best science becomes tomorrow’s affordable medicine.

Development of stemness-based prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets

There is an analogy senior scientist Dr. John Dick uses when explaining his TFRI-funded cancer stem cell (CSC) research. He compares cancer to a weed that has a separate root to the stem, branches and leaves, with the tumour as the leafy top. “Cancer, just like a weed, can only be killed if the root is removed entirely – not just the tumour at the top,” says Dr. Dick, from his l...

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  • Funding Programs

    The Terry Fox Research Institute functions as the research arm of The Terry Fox Foundation. In this capacity, the Institute invests and manages approximately $27 million in combined funding for discovery and translational research and training for future scientists and clinicians in cancer research.

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  • Our Research

    We know more about cancer today thanks to the biological, molecular and genomic discoveries, new technologies, tests and treatments made possible with research funding from The Terry Fox Foundation and through the translational work undertaken by TFRI. As a result, we have better ways to detect, diagnose and treat cancer today. This is helping cancer patients to live, to live longer and with a better quality of life.

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  • Terry Fox and the Terry Fox Foundation

    Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and raised in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, a community near Vancouver on Canada's west coast. An active teenager involved in many sports, Terry was only 18 years old when he was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) and forced to have his right leg amputated 15 centimetres (six inches) above the knee in 1977.

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  • About Cancer

    Human bodies are made up of hundreds of millions of cells that constantly regenerate through a process called cell division. This process is regulated through a series of mechanisms in our cells that help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that we always have the right number of each cell.

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  • Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres

    The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network is a bold vision led by The Terry Fox Research Institute and The Terry Fox Foundation with support from dozens of research and funding partners across Canada.

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Immunotherapy gives melanoma cancer survivor a second chance at life

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Study participant benefits from “personalized chemotherapy” for breast cancer patients

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‘Being involved in the TFRI study saved my life,’ lung cancer survivor says

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  • Facts

    • 21.9 Million Dollars for Cancer Research and Training
      Million Dollars for Cancer Research and Training
    • 41currently funded projects for team science and research
      Funded Projects for team science and research
    • 73 Partners in Funding and Research
      Partners in Funding and Research