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Event | June 27, 2024

Register now for the 2024 Terry Fox Run and join TFRI's Run Challenge!

Dear TFRI, MOHCCN and DHDP colleagues,

On April 12, 1980, Terry Fox made history as he dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean, igniting the Marathon of Hope. Forty-four years later, his legacy and dream of ending cancer through research continue, thanks to the dedication of Canadians like you. 
To celebrate Terry’s incredible journey, we invite you to register for this year’s Terry Fox Run, scheduled for Sunday, September 15, and take part in our annual Terry Fox Run Challenge!

The Terry Fox Run Challenge is a friendly competition among our research teams to determine who can raise the most money for cancer research in a given year. Last year, researchers funded by TFRI and the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network met this challenge and then some! Together, we raised more than $156,000 for cancer research. Our sincere thanks to everyone who made this possible. Special recognition is due to the top three teams: the Vancouver Prostate Centre team, who raised $65,204, the Canadian Oncolytic Virus Consortium (COVCo) team, who raised $29,965, and Team OICR, who raised $10,055.

How to register for the 2024 Terry Fox Run & TFRI's Run Challenge

  1. Visit the Terry Fox Foundation website and sign up your team. To register your research team (families and friends can register as well!), please have a team member visit the team sign up page on the Terry Fox Foundation website, choose your run location and complete the process. 
  2. Use “TFRI - <team name>”, “MOHCCN - <team name>” or "DHDP - <team name>" to identify your team. (If you don't have a team, you are welcome to join TFRI HQ.)
  3. Share your team’s name and link and start fundraising!

Don't forget to wear your support!

Each year, the Terry Fox Foundation unveils a new line of Terry Fox Run t-shirts, symbolizing the enduring impact of Terry’s legacy on people worldwide, regardless of age, background or ability. This year's edition pays homage to Terry's indomitable spirit and his unwavering commitment to persevere, #NoMatterWhat.

We see this same determination in Terry Fox researchers, and to honor this shared drive, we’re proud to offer a distinctive purple t-shirt exclusively for TFRI-, MOHCCN- and DHDP-funded research teams. These shirts, available for purchase on the Terry Fox Foundation’s website, serve as inspiration on run day, and underscore our collective dedication to advancing cancer research.

2024 Purple TF Run T-shirt

We hope you will consider registering for the run, fundraising for the Terry Fox Foundation, wearing your support and joining our Run Challenge. As Terry said back in 1980, it is up to us to keep the Marathon of Hope going, #NoMatterWhat.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Jim Woodgett,
TFRI President and Scientific Director

Dr. André Veillette,
MOHCCN Executive Director

Dr. Natalie Szudy,
DHDP Managing Director