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Our small but committed headquarters staff work tirelessly to ensure that our projects run smoothly and that every dollar that is donated to our research initiatives through the Terry Fox Foundation is going towards funding innovative projects that are changing the way cancer is researched and treated.

The following employment opportunities are open. Researchers, clinicians or trainees are advised to contact partner institutions directly regarding career opportunities within their specific discipline or field of research.


The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) is seeking an individual to become its President and Scientific Director.  The successful candidate will take over from TFRI’s founding President and Scientific Director, Dr. Victor Ling, OC, OBC, PhD. 

The TFRI was established in 2007 by the Fox family and the Terry Fox Foundation as a not for profit Research Institute with its own independent board. Its mission is to fund world-class, collaborative cancer research teams to undertake projects with significant potential to impact on cancer outcomes.  Until 2020 TFRI was mainly funded by the Terry Fox Foundation from revenues raised from the annual Terry Fox community and school runs.  In 2020, the TFRI launched two new nationwide programs set to transform the cancer research landscape in Canada with support from the federal government of Canada and from philanthropy.  The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network links designated cancer centres focused on research into the implementation of precision medicine approaches.  The Digital Health and Discovery Platform is building the platform to securely share digital data from precision medicine-treated patients, and make the data available for federated learning approaches using artificial intelligence.Together with over 100 research and funding partners, TFRI is working to inspire the transformation of cancer research in Canada. The projected budget for the programs TFRI in 2021 will be $57M growing to approximately $100M by 2025.  More information on TFRI is available at

TFRI’s Board of Directors is looking for an internationally recognized researcher in any field of cancer, holding an MD or PhD degree (or equivalent), with exemplary leadership experience, and an appreciation for the full spectrum of cancer research.  The successful candidate will provide the leadership to grow this prestigious pan-Canadian organization, and is expected to hold an academic appointment at a leading Canadian University or Research Hospital where they may maintain an active research program.  The President and Scientific Director will provide the vision, and strategic leadership for all of TFRI’s programs.  The President, accountable to the Board of Directors, is supported by research leadership in each region of Canada, and leads an executive management team based at the TFRI HQ in Vancouver to deliver upon the excellence and potential impacts of each program.

Expression of interest should be sent with to: The Chair, TFRI Board of Directors, 675 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1L3 by May 15, 2021 or by email to