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  • Trevor "Trapper" Richard

    TREVOR "TRAPPER" RICHARD, 43, was fixing his son’s bike when he suddenly felt pain in his lower back. The avid hockey player from Saint John, NB thought he had pulled a muscle, and did what most...

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  • Susan Collins

    Susan Collins loves curling, spending time with family and friends, visiting her two young granddaughters, walking her dog Triscuit, and being in nature as much as possible. These may seem like normal...

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  • Stan Czebruk

    In 2009, Stan Czebruk was hiking with a friend in the Scottish Highlands when he got an unexpected call from his wife Irene back in Montreal. The second Czebruk heard her speak, he knew something was ...

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  • Yves Tellier

    When Yves Tellier first noticed a dark spot on his lower leg, his first instinct was to dismiss it—after all he had just whacked himself with a golf club a few weeks earlier, and had no reason t...

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  • Arthur Owtram

    When Arthur Owtram was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, doctors told him he likely had less than a month to live. “My wife was in shock and crying, and I was so worried for my family,&...

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  • Susan Stewart

    When Susan Stewart felt nauseous during a weekend run in November 2016, she never would have guessed she was about to be diagnosed with Stage IV, terminal pancreatic cancer. “I consider myself a...

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  • Debi Lascelle

    Sitting on the smooth red rocks of Sedona, Arizona during a much-anticipated trip with her husband, there was just one thought going through Debi Lascelle’s mind – how grateful she was to ...

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  • Luana Locke

    Luana Locke was pregnant with her first child when she found out she had breast cancer – a diagnosis that eventually led her family to discover they carried a mutated gene responsible for a rar...

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  • Amy Peasgood

    At 37, Amy Peasgood loves yoga, meditation, and being a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters, ages two and four. But her experiences are unlike those of the average mother- Peasgood is a breast, skin...

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  • Adam Green

    Adam Green is an avid marathon runner, a new homeowner, partner in a successful business, and loves to travel and cook. He is also a cancer survivor, having won his battle with non-Hodgkin’s lym...

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  • Christina Tulloch

    A patient’s cancer battle is usually considered victorious once they enter remission. Yet, for survivor Christine Tulloch, 28, learning she was cancer-free was by no means the end of the fight. ...

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  • Darrin Park

    After Edmonton teacher and father of two Darrin Park had a seizure in December 2011, he went to the hospital expecting to be diagnosed with something minor.   Instead, Park was told there was a m...

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  • Jackie Ellis

    Jackie Ellis still remembers the moment she was diagnosed with lymphoma on July 29, 2010. “My words were, ‘What? I have cancer? I’m going to die?’” recalls the Vancouver ...

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  • Léa Legault

    Four years ago, Léa Legault was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia – and was in the hospital fighting for her life. Today the eight-year-old is taking piano lessons, th...

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  • Donna Goudard

    Manitoba resident Donna Gaudard’s ovarian cancer was discovered by chance — and she’s now participating in a TFRI study to help improve the outcomes of future ovarian cancer patients...

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  • Debbie Duclos

    What if an ultrasound could detect if a patient’s cancer treatment was working after just one week of therapy? Registered nurse and health care consultant Debbie Duclos, 42, was diagnosed with l...

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  • Aimee Zeglinski-Spinney

    Aimee Zeglinski-Spinney was running down the field during a soccer game for her competitive team when suddenly she collapsed. It was obvious to the paramedics who rushed her to Children’s Hospi...

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  • Analyn Purcell

    Nine months in the hospital. Eighteen rounds of chemotherapy. A 10-hour surgery to amputate her leg. A five-hour surgery to fix blood clot complications. A third surgery to remove two cancer nodules f...

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  • Lawrence Traa

    Five years ago, Lawrence Traa was watching television when he suddenly forgot the names of everyone he knew. The Manitoba resident and father of two had just turned 50, and his doctor told him some m...

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  • Cameron Bell

    When marathon runner Cameron Bell hits the wall during a race, he knows exactly what to do: he draws on the strength he has developed from more than a decade of battling brain cancer. “You have...

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  • Taylor Date

    Twenty-three-year old Taylor Date is a recent college graduate and mother of busy twin boys in the midst of renovating her first house in Milton, Ontario. She’s also a participant in Dr. Michae...

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  • Valeriya Zolotorgova

    When Valeriya Zolotorgova was 10, her mother began to notice significant changes in the young girl’s hearing and vision. Following visits to doctors, Valeriya was eventually diagnosed with a br...

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  • Low Family Triplets

    The odds of having identical triplets are very low. The odds of having identical triplets with a rare childhood eye cancer are nearly non-existent. Yet this is the situation Alberta residents Lesli...

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  • Denis Peticlerc

    Sherbrooke Quebec resident Denis Petitclerc believes that without medical research he would not be here today to share his story. Currently being treated for Stage II prostate cancer by TFRI investiga...

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  • Erika Schroedersecker

    Torontonian Erika Schroedersecker never imagined she would be diagnosed with colon and uterine cancers while in her late forties – and she was even more shocked to discover both cancers were cau...

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  • Pierre "Peppy" Lavigueur

    Halifax resident and TFRI study participant Pierre “Peppy” Lavigueur was happy when his doctor told him he had lung cancer. “My doctor told me I didn’t seem upset, and I said &...

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  • Adam Coules

    Adam Coules graduated from business school with honours, was a professionally trained pastry chef, travelled in Southeast Asia, raised thousands of dollars for cancer research, and was engaged to the...

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