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Other Programs

Investing in strategic areas to help improve cancer research in Canada

In addition to its more established funding programs, The Terry Fox Research Institute also invests in other strategic areas of cancer research. These investments help accelerate the development of specific aspects of cancer research in Canada, helping to position the country as a global leader in this field.

Today, the bulk of this investment is going towards co-funding the Canadian Tissue Repository Network (CTRNet), which is uniting biobanks across the country to enhance the capacity and quality of biobanking in Canada.

Partnering with CTRNet is enabling TFRI to ensure its scientists and clinician-scientists have access to tissue samples and clinical data that is of the highest quality and standards. This means that the tissue used in our studies is properly collected, stored, and maintained, that materials are provided properly and that all necessary documentation, including patient consent, is obtained.

Funding strategic initiatives like CTRNet is an important part of the TFRI portfolio. While this program is by invitation only, if you have any questions about specific strategic initiatives, please reach out to Stephen Herst, TFRI Chief Operations Officer, at