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Conflict of Interest Policy TFRI's policy on conflicts of commitment and interest.  Download
Research Administration Policy Describes policies and practices which govern how grant funds are spent and how reporting to TFRI must be carried out. Download
TFRI Commercialization Policy Sets out the principles TFRI follows in supporting research overseen by one or more Principal Investigator(s) affiliated with one or more Institution(s) and the commercialization of such research. Download
TFRI Travel Policy TFRI's policy on travel and related expenses. Download

Visual guidelines & templates

TFRI Visual Identity Guidelines Guidelines and graphic standards for usage of the TFRI logo.  Download
Poster Template Template for researchers to use when presenting posters.  Download
Powerpoint Template Powerpoint template for researchers to use for presentations. Download


Memorandum of Understanding Template agreement of terms and conditions to govern funding provided by TFRI to an eligible Canadian research organization.  Download
of Cash Receipts 
& Disbursements

Template for submitting financial statements to TFRI.
New Frontiers Program Report
Template for Terry Fox New Frontiers Program Project grants submitting annual research reports to TFRI.
Translational Research Program 

Template for Translational projects submitting six monthly/final research reports to TFRI.
New Investigator 
Program Report

Template for New Investigators submitting 
annual research reports to TFRI.
Cancer Research 
Training Program 

Template for Trainees submitting annual 
research reports to TFRI
Annual Research 
Metrics Report

Template for all projects submitting 
annual Metrics Report to TFRI