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Dr. John Bell

Board of Directors memberSenior Scientist (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute) and Professor of Medicine (University of Ottawa)

Dr. Bell is a member of the Center for Cancer Therapeutics at The Ottawa Hospital
Cancer Center, a senior scientist with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and
a professor of medicine at the University of Ottawa. He headed the Canadian Oncolytic
Virus Consortium (COVCO), a Terry Fox-funded New Frontiers Program Project Grant team from across Canada that has been developing virus-based cancer therapeutics and is the director of the Biotherapeutics Program for the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. He is the scientific director of the National Centre of Excellence for the development of Biotherapeutics for Cancer Therapy, known as BioCanRX. Dr. Bell has been instrumental in developing a Canada-wide network in cell-based research for cancer therapeutics including CAR-T cells. He is passionate about new therapies and in taking bold steps to challenge the most difficult cancers.