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Exploring Novel Mechanisms of Tumour Vascularization in Malignant Brain Tumours

This project has been completed

A neurosurgeon and scientist with Toronto’s University Health Network, Dr. Zadeh is studying how cancerous tumours in the brain create their own blood supply and blood vessel network from bone marrow cells. She proposes to use live imaging to see how tumours grow blood vessels and how they respond to therapy.

“Our research focuses on the role of progenitor cells derived from the bone marrow that can help form new blood vessels or provide a supportive role to the existing tumour blood vessels,” she says.

Research results will identify ways that cancer cells trigger new vessel formation.

“I think the exciting aspect of the research is that it is an entirely new way of looking at how blood vessels form in tumours, which can provide asyet-unexplored methods of blocking blood supply to the brain tumours,” says Dr. Zadeh.

Dr. Hao Ding at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Medicine says Dr. Zadeh is “well on her way to becoming a recognized independent successful researcher in the field of brain cancer angiogenesis. Her ability as a neurosurgeon to translate her findings into clinical practice places her at an extremely unique and desirable position.”

Mentoring Program: TFF-PPG: Terry Fox Program: Genetic Analysis of Signalling Pathways for Vascular Development and Tumour Angiogenesis
Mentors/PIs: Dr. Andras Nagy