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TFRI News | February 08, 2018

2017 Marathon of Hope Lecture Series



As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, TFRI presented a session titled The Marathon of Hope Lecture Series at the Canadian Cancer Research Conference(Vancouver) in November 2017 that featured four premier TFRI-funded researchers: John Dick (PM, Toronto), John Bell (OHRI, Ottawa), Stephen Lam (UBC, Vancouver) and Marco Marra, BC Cancer .
We asked teach to speak on their vision of how their research may transform outcomes for cancer patients and bring us closer to achieving Terry's dream. The session was introduced by TFRI President Dr. Victor Ling and each speaker gave a 20-minute talk. We are pleased to present videos of all of the talks here, featuring slides presented. 
We hope you enjoy these talks as much as those in attendance did!

John Dick: Is stemness the biomarker and therapeutic target we have been missing?

John Bell: Using viruses to stimulate the body's fight against cancer cells

Stephen Lam; Lung cancer screening: Opportunity to improve health care delivery

Marco Marra: Genomic approaches to cancer outcomes