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TFRI News | June 30, 2017

Canadian hero Terry Fox’s cancer research legacy lives on: VICE Sports


Two articles published by VICE Sports for Canada 150 are calling Terry Fox the most important athlete in Canadian history whose cancer research legacy lives on.

“Fox's triumphant Marathon of Hope run was influential in raising much-needed money and awareness for cancer research,” reads the article written by Alex Wong. “His legacy will live on forever, as his impact is still felt across the world today.”

During the Marathon of Hope, Terry ran 5,000 kilometres across Canada for 143 straight days, all with one leg. Thirty-six years after he passed away from osteosarcoma more than $750-million has been raised in his name for cancer research.

Founding president and scientific director of The Terry Fox Research Institute Dr. Victor Ling says many doctors and scientists were inspired to enter the profession because of the Marathon of Hope.

"Because of Terry, and because of who he is, people are willing to work together and collaborate," said Dr. Ling. “We decided we should really do the hard things because that's what Terry would want us to do. He would want us to tackle the biggest challenges."

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