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TFRI News | June 12, 2018

Celebrate failure! says TFRI’s leader in new book celebrating Chinese Canadians

"TO BE SUCCESSFUL, ONE MUST LEARN TO TOLERATE AND EVEN CELEBRATE FAILURES," remarks TFRI President and Scientific Director Dr. Victor Ling, who is among several prominent Chinese Canadians featured in a newly published 180-page, full-colour book titled Celebration: Chinese Canadian Legacies in British Columbia. “As a young person, I learned to imagine what success would be like and let that vision sustain me through the long dark periods of waiting and dealing with repeated failures.”

Published by the Province of British Columbia Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the book evolved as part of a legacy following an apology by the British Columbia Legislature for the historical wrongs endured by Chinese Canadians. It highlights the contributions Chinese Canadians have made to this country and province – from serving in the military to playing an important part of its social, cultural and economic fabric. 

Dr. Ling is described as iconic figure in the field of cancer research. He refers to his role at TFRI “as a matchmaker in bringing the best scientists from different institutions to work on collaborative research on more effective and larger-scale research studies.”  He attributes his successes to his father and those who mentored him in his scientific research.

A new book on on Chinese Canadian legacies published by Province of British Columbia Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture highlights Dr. Ling's work at the Terry Fox Research Institute.