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TFRI News | September 02, 2015

Fox Family to hike to summit of Mount Terry Fox

Mount TF dedication family 2
The Fox family at the dedication of Mount Terry Fox in September 1981. Credit: The Terry Fox Foundation

Family members, Terry Foxers will hike 18 kilometres to summit of Mount Terry Fox on Sunday, Sept. 6

Vancouver, BC -- Family of Canadian icon Terry Fox will reflect on 35 years of dedication to cancer research and Terry’s memory when they and 50-plus “Terry Foxers” hike 18 kilometres to the summit of Mount Terry Fox in Valemount, BC on Sunday, September 6.

This marks the first time the Fox family will gather at the monument since the mountain was named for Terry on September 22, 1981.

Not content with summiting the 8,500-ft mountain, Terry’s younger brother Darrell will cycle to the start of the trek. He will cover a distance of 350 km from Kamloops to the trailhead near Valemount on Friday, September 4.

“I wanted to add a little more excitement and pain!” laughs Darrell. “I buy into Terry's thinking that life is short and we never know what might happen tomorrow, next week, next year. It will only be the 35th anniversary once and I was keen to do something a little more challenging while I am still able.”

In honour of Terry’s original fundraising request in 1980, The Terry Fox Foundation (TFF) is asking every Canadian to donate a dollar in this commemorative year to support cancer research.

“Terry was all about setting and accomplishing goals, some of them pretty lofty, so a Mount Terry Fox is a nice analogy,” says Darrell. “Compared to Terry's physical and mental accomplishments during the Marathon of Hope, it really is nothing to reach the top of Mount Terry Fox. I know I will be drawing on Terry for inspiration and strength along the way.”

Donations to support the Fox family and Terry Foxers on the trek can be made online at

Funds raised by The Terry Fox Foundation support research undertaken by The Terry Fox Research Institute, which invests in excellence through team-based discovery, translational and capacity-building research to improve outcomes for cancer patients. To date TFF has raised over $700 million for cancer research.