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Research Highlight | May 25, 2020

New study reveals genetic "scars" caused by cancer therapy

A new study led by two BC-based researchers affiliated with TFRI and the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network has revealed the genetic "scars" caused by cancer therapy, providing new clues as to why some cancers become resistant to current cancer treatments.

The study, led by Drs. Marco Marra and Janessa Laskin, was built on the genetic information of 570 patients in BC. While not directly funded by the TFRI, the findings are part of BC Cancer's Personalized Oncogenomics Program (POG), which will contribute data to the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network, a pan-Canadian TFRI-led project that hopes to accelerate the implementation of precision medicine for cancer. 

Read more about the finding by visiting Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre.