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TFRI News | August 16, 2023

Register now for the 2023 Terry Fox Run!

Dear members of the TFRI and MOHCCN research communities, 


This is a reminder that the 2023 Terry Fox Run will take place on Sunday, September 17! 

The run is an excellent opportunity to get together with your research teams and be a part of a larger community effort to make Terry’s dream of a world without cancer a reality. 

To ensure that researchers funded by TFRI and MOHCCN are clearly visible on run day, we encourage you to purchase a purple T-shirt. Wearing a Purple Terry Fox Run T-shirt not only serves as inspiration to survivors, but is a powerful reminder that Terry ran for research. This year’s purple T-shirts were designed in collaboration with Ryan Reynolds and the Fox family and are available to order through The Terry Fox Foundation’s website.  

There is a limited quantity of the 2023 Purple Terry Fox Run T-shirt, so please consider purchasing yours today! 


As many of you are aware, the Terry Fox Run Challenge is a friendly competition among TFRI and MOHCCN research teams to see who can raise the most money for cancer research. Last year, we joined forces to raise nearly $197,000 for cancer research, breaking our previous record of $125,000!    

We would like to thank each and every one of you who made this possible and invite you to participate once again this year. 

If you haven’t yet, you can register your research team for the 2023 Terry Fox Run and join the challenge by visiting the team sign up page on the Terry Fox Foundation website. (Remember, friends and family can join your team too!) To help identify TFRI and MOHCCN research teams, please submit your team’s name as “TFRI - <team name>” or “MOHCCN - <team name>”. Then, share your team’s name with potential team members and invite them to register, join and start fundraising! 

We hope you will consider registering for the run, fundraising for the Terry Fox Foundation and joining our annual Run Challenge. As Terry said back in 1980, it is up to us to keep the Marathon of Hope going, and we look forward to doing this together. 

With Best Wishes, 

Dr. Jim Woodgett
TFRI President and Scientific Director

Dr. André Veillette  
MOHCCN Executive Director 

Links Spring 2023 - Purple t-shirt