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TFRI News | October 05, 2022

Researchers break fundraising record, raise nearly $197k for research

A sea of purple shirts was visible at community runs across the country, as scientists and clinicians funded by the TFRI showed up in full force for this year’s Terry Fox Run, raising $196,966 for cancer research and setting a new fundraising record for the Terry Fox Run Challenge, the friendly competition which pits research teams against each other to see which can raise the most funds for cancer research.

“We are incredibly humbled by the support shown by all of our researchers this year,” said Dr. Jim Woodgett, TFRI President and Scientific Director. “They run shoulder to shoulder with thousands of Terry Fox supporters around Canada, helping us realize Terry’s dream to cure cancer both in their labs and on run day."

In total, 22 TFRI and MOHCCN teams participated in the challenge, and collectively raised over $70k more than last year.

Terry Fox Run Challenge

Once again, the winner of this year's challenge was the Vancouver Prostate Centre team. The VPC team raised an incredible $93,775 for cancer research.

Second place went to the COVCo team, which raised an astounding $43,055. The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network Consortium in Quebec (MOH-Q) came in third, raising $8,955 for cancer research.

"We'd like to thank all of our researchers for their incredible support," said Dr. Woodgett. "A special shout-out to Dr. Martin Gleave and the Vancouver Prostate Centre team, as well as to the COVCo team for knocking the ball out of the park!" 

“Seeing so many purple shirts at our community runs was a beautiful reminder that researchers play a pivotal role in making Terry's dream a reality," said Michael Mazza, Executive Director of the Terry Fox Foundation. "We thank our research community for their incredible fundraising efforts and are grateful for the work they do every day to bring health and hope to patients in Canada and around the world."

2022 Terry Fox Run Photos



2022 Terry Fox Run: Participating teams

  • TFRI - ACC
  • TFRI - Head and Neck
  • TFRI - Bloodrunners
  • Diamandis Brain-iacs
  • COVCo
  • TFRI – PROFYLE National Virtual Run
  • TFRI – Hypoxia TME
  • TFRI – Team Porphysome
  • TFRI - Vancouver Prostate Centre
  • Lymphomania
  • iTNT: immunoTherapy NeTwork
  • Running with Reiman
  • TFRI - Team HIPPO
  • TFRI – Oncometabolism
  • LUNG Team
  • Team Szudy-Bechard
  • TFRI: Prairie Cancer Research Consortium Team
  • LFS Central
  • TFRI – O’Reilly Lab