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Event | August 04, 2018

TFRI launches 2018 Terry Fox Run Challenge

EVERY YEAR, the Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) organizes the Terry Fox Run Challenge, a friendly contest in which our research teams compete against each other to see which can raise more funds for the Terry Fox Foundation. 

In 2017, almost all of our research teams participated in the challenge, raising over $55,000 for cancer research. The top honour went to the Ottawa-based Canadian Oncolytic Virus Consortium (COVCo) team, which raised an inspiring $14,028.

Following this tradition, the TFRI is proud to launch the 2018 Terry Fox Run Challenge. Our goal for this year is to surpass the amount of money raised in 2017.

The year's Terry Fox Run will be held on Sunday, Sept. 16 in locations across the country. Researchers will be easily identifiable thanks to their flashy purple t-shirts.

Researchers wanting to register their own teams can do so at We'd also like to invite anyone to join or donate to the TFRI Headquarters team captained by Dr. Victor Ling, and welcome anyone who has already joined us to our growing team.

2017 Images


In 2017, members from the COVCo research group raised over $14,000 for the Terry Fox Run, and won TFRI's Terry Fox Run Challenge.

20170917_095941_resizedA few members from the TFRI Headquarters team pose for a picture during the 2017 Terry Fox Run at Stanley Park in Vancouver.

20170917_095941_resizedMembers from various research projects pose for a group shot at Stanley Park. 



Members of from the Hippo Team led by Dr. Jeff Wrana pose for a shot at a Terry Fox Run in Toronto. 


Members from Dr. Gang Zheng's lab -- The Gang-sters -- at a Terry Fox Run in Toronto.

Members from Dr. Aly Karsan's team, The Bloodrunners, pose for a picture at Stanley Park. 

20170917_100513_resized_1  20170917_100513_resized_1

TFRI Headquarters team members enjoying their run at Stanley Park.

Terry Fox Challenge 2017: Participating Teams

Last year's participants included:

  • TFRI Headquarters 
  • Lung Team
  • TFRI - Reiman Team
  • COVCo
  • TFRI - Hypoxia
  • The Bloodrunners
  • iTNT
  • TFRI - Team Hippo
  • The Gang-sters
  • TFRI - Stemness
  • TFRI - Vancouver Prostate Centre
  • GCRC Foxtrotters
  • Guelph Cancer Biotherapy Research Group
  • TFRI HQ Genome Sciences
  • TFRI - GBM Team
  • TFRI - PPG