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Cancer Prevention

Understanding the importance of investing in cancer prevention.

Over the last few decades, research has helped us understand the role that certain environmental, hereditary and lifestyle factors play in cancer development.

But despite these advances, there’s still a lot more we need to learn when it comes to cancer prevention, including how and why certain cancers develop and what factors besides the ones we already know make people more at risk of developing this often-deadly disease. This information will help us find new ways to stop cancer in its tracks, or at the very least create protocols to help us catch it in its early stages when treatments are the most effective.

With estimates suggesting that one out of every two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, prevention is emerging as an extremely important area in cancer research.

Our Research Strategy

At the Terry Fox Research Institute, we are bringing together the best researchers from the country's top cancer institutions to work on projects that are helping us understand more about cancer, so we can prevent it from occurring or find it early on. 

To allocate our resources, we ask international experts to evaluate the excellence and the potential for impact of all our research projects. This approach distinguishes our research investment strategy from all others in Canada and allows donors to be confident that their investment is supporting the top 5% of Canadian researchers and their science.