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Defining the role of Lyn kinase in PCa progression to castrate resistance stage

This project has been completed
Through her project, “Defining the role of Lyn kinase in prostate cancer progression to castrate resistance stage,” Dr. Amina Zoubeidi’s ultimate goal is to improve treatment for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. Specifically, she will examine whether the Lyn kinase protein enables the progression of prostate cancer, and if inhibiting it will stop progression before the diseases reaches the castration resistant prostate cancer stage (CRPC).

Dr. Zoubeidi’s work will complement the Principal Investigator Paul Rennie’s program project on prostate cancer progression. Dr. Rennie’s team is studying how prostate cancers change from being dependent on male sex hormones – androgens – to not needing them. The team is seeking to understand the process by which prostate cancer cells become independent of androgens for their own growth, and to use the knowledge to create new treatments. 

Mentoring Program: Terry Fox Foundation New Frontiers Program or Terry Fox Research Institute Program
Mentors/PIs: Dr. Paul Rennie