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New Investigators

This program provides research operating grant support to future leaders as they develop their independent careers in cancer research. Designed to provide a single research grant to scientific and clinical investigators within the first five years of a first faculty-level appointment in Canada, new investigators have to be sponsored and mentored by an existing Terry Fox funded program.

2019 Competition

A Request for Applications (RFA) is issued annually. The 2019 competition is now in progress and more information can be found on the Terry Fox New Investigator Awards (2019) page.

A List of Current Terry Fox New Investigators

Name Start/End Project
Sachin Katyal
2018-2020 Targeting resistant glioblastoma multiforme rGBM) through suppression of overactive DNA repair activity
Robert Kridel
2018-2020 Dissecting biological hererogeneity in follicular lymphoma into clinically relevant molecular subtypes
Trevor Pugh
2017-2020  Single cell dissection and non-invasive monitoring of childhood cancer 
Peter Stirling
Functionalizing SWI/SWF chromatin remodeller mutations in rare and common tumours
Housheng Hansen He
2017-2019 Understanding the function of circular RNA in tumour hypoxia
Frederick Antoine Mallette 
 Deciphering the oncogenic properties of cancer-associated IDH1/2 mutations
Guy Ungerechts
2016-2018 Next Generation Cancer Immunovirotherapy: Heterologous oncolytic prime-boost enhanced with select immunomodulators
Ralph DaCosta
2016-2018 Investigating radiation responses of pancreatic tumours, their vasculature and microenvironment using in vivo imaging to identify new treatment strategies
William Lockwood
2016-2018 Assessing the effect of radiation from screening low dose CT scans on lung cancer development and progression
Byram Bridle
Evaluation of oncolytic immunotherapy in canine cancer trials: A stepping stone towards successful translation into human patients
Martin Hirst


Epigenetic basis of acute myeloid leukemia

Ryan Morin


Exploring Clonal Evolution in Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas Using Serial Tumour Sampling and Liquid Biopsies

For more information on the above projects, please go to the Canadian Research Information System (CRIS) database.


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